Nonprofit to Help Accident Victims

If you cannot afford to get the proper medical attention you need after an accident, The Victims
Fund may be able to help. When it comes down to not paying your bills, mortgage, medical
expenses, or other necessities, the financial crunch is brutal. 
Most of the time, when people think about the repercussions of a car accident, they only consider
the physical impact. But there is the financial aspect of it as well. Depending on how severe the
injury is and how much medical treatment is required, the cost can get very high, very fast. 
The possibility of missing time at work and having to pay all of your other monthly bills and
obligations. For folks without medical insurance, this can seem nearly impossible.
The Victims Fund was created to help low-income victims of car accidents. If you are a victim
and cannot afford proper medical care, you may qualify for this help. The Victims Fund is a
nonprofit organization based in California, and they can be contacted with the information
Nonprofit: The Victims Fund
Phone: (844) 824-3863
The Victims Fund is the brainchild of Eliot Houman and Omid Dayan, aka The Accident Guys.
Their law firm handles personal injury and workers compensation cases. The Accident Guys
have office locations all throughout California. 
Car Accidents
A quick look at the yearly statistical averages regarding auto accidents reveals that around five
million of them per year result in injury. This means millions and millions of people find
themselves dealing with insurance companies and, in the more severe cases, medical bills and
even lost time at work.
When this happens, it can lead to even more complications. If you cannot work for an extended
amount of time, you may find yourself in dire straits very quickly. Not only do the monthly bills
continue to pile up, but so will the medical bills. Hospital stays, testing, trips to the doctor,
prescriptions, and many other expenses that go along with being treated following an accident
can be high.